Criminal Law

At the Starr Firm we have successfully defended clients in the area of criminal law including:

  • First Degree Murder

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  • Burglary or Robbery crimes

  • Drug possession

  • And all aspects of Medical Marijuana defense

Our Services

Attorney At Law

Law Office

Unlawful Detainer

At the Starr Firm we have successfully represented tenants and landlords in unlawful detainers.

We have assisted tenants in protecting their rights in their unlawful detainer matters and have assisted landlords in quickly evicting problem tenants.  

Estate Planning

We offer full service estate planning.

Special Education Advocacy

At the Starr Firm and the Law offices of Abraham A. Labbad we have successfully assisted our special education and/or special needs clients with successfully obtaining the right education to conform to their special needs of out clients :

  • IEP meetings

  • Mediations

  • and

  • Due Process actions including action with the 9th Circuit of Appeals.

Personal Injury

At the Starr Firm we have successfully defended clients in the area of Persona Injury including against:

  • Costco

  • Police and Counties Los Angeles, Ventura and san Bernandino County

  • Hospitals

  • Drunk Drivers

  • Negligent drivers

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Advocacy 

We specialize in licensing Dispensaries, keep dispensaries open, and...

We have successfully defended dispensary owners against the following:

  • Los Angeles County

  • Kern County

  • Riverside County

  • Appellate Court(s)

  • Supreme Court


At the Starr Firm we have successfully assisted out clients with filing Bankruptcy in order to protect their Constitutional right as Guaranteed under the Constitution Our services include assistance with:

  • On line credit counseling a prerequisite for filing bankruptcy

  • Appearance at the creditors meeting and

  • All post Creditors meeting requirements